I originally created this Twine text game for a NineWorlds Game Jam in 2014? The theme was 'Fairy tales retold'.

I was teaching myself Twine as well as creating my first piece of interactive fiction, and had just a weekend in which to do it. Found it helped my writing block as I didn't have time to worry about whether it was good or not. Strangely liberating, and good fun.

I had this 'wonderful' idea about the various stories that would be retold from the viewpoint of my main character, once established in the prologue. Each story would be a chapter. Problem? I had branch explosion, didn't even get beyond the prologue. To pull each prologue ending in to a usable number I'd have to create a lot of sudden ends - which would annoy me as a player. Hey ho!

So - I learned a ton, had fun - but never heard what people thought of it. I think I've enough distance now to accept 'my god it's terrible'. I've since entered the games industry, and hopefully learned a lot since. It goes against *all* the in-house rules at the current company.

Still kinda fond of my first flailings, though. Might one day see if there's anything worth salvaging. I'd edit a lot of words out now, for sure...

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